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Partiality is something I haven’t learnt from books and teachers, that’s somethings life taught me. And i don’t believe its about one’s favouritism rather about being irrational.Who says that not aborting a girl child means equality among a girl and boy?

My grandfather was a very practical and wise man, my father tell me his stories. He taught my father lessons of life by being the hero himself. From very small learning to big ventures, he was a guiding pillar to to him, and thus his learning is inherited to me in reflection of my dad.

We were really middle class when my father established his own business, but his principles were way to high. He taught me, imparted all his wisdom. He coached how to divide the meal equally, not like in soaps where the men sit and have food and women laters but rather how equally one should get the cake pie irrespective of son-daughter, or who is earning will have first, or the one who likes have all. 

If one compromise and learn to eat “green veggie” doesn’t me he doesn’t like “butter chicken”When my mom would fetch the best piece of chicken to my brother, my father would give me his. What she did was partiality may be out of love or whatever but what he did in return was overcoming my heart that its equal. This might sound very small , vague or insignificant but its not.

I lived my life seeing him do thing for this family , not because its a duty of a man but much deeper than my words could do justice . Everyday, every moment i spend with him made me learn more and more. The giving nature of a man for his family derived in me through him. As a result, this made me a very compromising and a family oriented girl who is so inspired of such great teaching, affection for family not only in terms of great gift but to the greatest gift, thats his time. 

These thoughts are mixed with emotions unadulterated .


Leaves me so confused!

All you need is money or love?It is a matter of fact that a person crave for the thing they miss in their life. They know the real value of things they wished they had .The one who has money desire for love; they seek for time and attention. And the one who have heart of gold, filled with all the love of the world wonders his life with money.

Money can bring to you all the luxuries of life, from castles to branded labels, a four course luxury dining to international holiday, from big celebrations to expensive gifts and what not.

But what about all the family members sitting in one room, close knitted, enjoying homemade favorite dish made with mom’s love and blessing any less than a big celebration?

A lover can buy his girl the latest launch with money but what if he is too busy with his business calls all through the date? They miss the feeling of magic of simple eye contact and much more to count for happiness which last long

But what a life is without money? Even the basic necessities of life rely on money. Love can fill heart not stomach.

Such is an irony of life which leaves me so Confused

Greatest miracle of God 

Seeing the two pink lines on ” Prega News” made me jump with excitement in the middle of night. Couldn’t wait for sun to rise , I pat my husband to wake up in middle of his deep sleep.Confused for few minutes of why am i asking him to wake, I showed him the testing strip . And just the next moment it was ” ankhe khuli ki khuli reh gayi”. It was like the most beautiful secret shared . And who can sleep after such a news? We spend rest of the night sharing and thanking God for such a blessing. Could not have asked for any more.

Right from the next day i started studying about pregnancy, ordered a book online ” what to expect when you are expecting ” . I started feeling a creation of a being inside me, a part of me! The journey of next 9 months is something most blissful and memorable part any women’s life.

Each day during pregnancy is a development of the creation inside you, and every day i wondered how pious is this miracle of God. Every moment you feel like thanking Him, and His astonishing cycle of life. One keeps admiring of how all organs of a healthy baby develop inside you. It stuns you of His wonders. For sometime everything changes, your clothes,habits, nature, living, and even your body. 

Those morning sickness to mood swings, vomiting so many times a day to made to eat things I might not like but good for the baby growth, and so much more is definitely worthy with even a thought of baby being heathy. 

I wish to share my memory of the day when i first saw him, not in real , not the touch but just on screen as i underwent my first ultrasound. I could not control my tears watching someone move inside me. And that made me fall for him even before his birth.

Days and months have passed and finally the day is about to come, to see , the part of me, my very own. It was like preparing for a blind date. 

My first blog

This is the post excerpt.

Its like one step forward to my dream. A dream of compiling my thoughts . A dream of feeling  recognised . Having passed my Btech and belonging to a typical business class family with the stereotypical mindset of marrying to a rich gentlemen as i finish my graduation , I find myself with very less opportunity to shine on my own. One day rewinding the journey of these 23 fine years, I wished to pen it down. Thoughts floating, mixed up emotions,little inherited learning , some sweet sour experiences were much to write in one go. Having it dicussed with a true friend of mine came a thought of writing a book. 

From scribbling down my daily routine to writing abstract this journey starts . I really hope it to be fruitful in making writing my habit and finally leading a confidence in me of being an offical author of a book( n this thought also gives me a goosebumps ).