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Partiality is something I haven’t learnt from books and teachers, that’s somethings life taught me. And i don’t believe its about one’s favouritism rather about being irrational.Who says that not aborting a girl child means equality among a girl and boy?

My grandfather was a very practical and wise man, my father tell me his stories. He taught my father lessons of life by being the hero himself. From very small learning to big ventures, he was a guiding pillar to to him, and thus his learning is inherited to me in reflection of my dad.

We were really middle class when my father established his own business, but his principles were way to high. He taught me, imparted all his wisdom. He coached how to divide the meal equally, not like in soaps where the men sit and have food and women laters but rather how equally one should get the cake pie irrespective of son-daughter, or who is earning will have first, or the one who likes have all. 

If one compromise and learn to eat “green veggie” doesn’t me he doesn’t like “butter chicken”When my mom would fetch the best piece of chicken to my brother, my father would give me his. What she did was partiality may be out of love or whatever but what he did in return was overcoming my heart that its equal. This might sound very small , vague or insignificant but its not.

I lived my life seeing him do thing for this family , not because its a duty of a man but much deeper than my words could do justice . Everyday, every moment i spend with him made me learn more and more. The giving nature of a man for his family derived in me through him. As a result, this made me a very compromising and a family oriented girl who is so inspired of such great teaching, affection for family not only in terms of great gift but to the greatest gift, thats his time. 

These thoughts are mixed with emotions unadulterated .


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