Leaves me so confused!

All you need is money or love?It is a matter of fact that a person crave for the thing they miss in their life. They know the real value of things they wished they had .The one who has money desire for love; they seek for time and attention. And the one who have heart of gold, filled with all the love of the world wonders his life with money.

Money can bring to you all the luxuries of life, from castles to branded labels, a four course luxury dining to international holiday, from big celebrations to expensive gifts and what not.

But what about all the family members sitting in one room, close knitted, enjoying homemade favorite dish made with mom’s love and blessing any less than a big celebration?

A lover can buy his girl the latest launch with money but what if he is too busy with his business calls all through the date? They miss the feeling of magic of simple eye contact and much more to count for happiness which last long

But what a life is without money? Even the basic necessities of life rely on money. Love can fill heart not stomach.

Such is an irony of life which leaves me so Confused


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