Greatest miracle of God 

Seeing the two pink lines on ” Prega News” made me jump with excitement in the middle of night. Couldn’t wait for sun to rise , I pat my husband to wake up in middle of his deep sleep.Confused for few minutes of why am i asking him to wake, I showed him the testing strip . And just the next moment it was ” ankhe khuli ki khuli reh gayi”. It was like the most beautiful secret shared . And who can sleep after such a news? We spend rest of the night sharing and thanking God for such a blessing. Could not have asked for any more.

Right from the next day i started studying about pregnancy, ordered a book online ” what to expect when you are expecting ” . I started feeling a creation of a being inside me, a part of me! The journey of next 9 months is something most blissful and memorable part any women’s life.

Each day during pregnancy is a development of the creation inside you, and every day i wondered how pious is this miracle of God. Every moment you feel like thanking Him, and His astonishing cycle of life. One keeps admiring of how all organs of a healthy baby develop inside you. It stuns you of His wonders. For sometime everything changes, your clothes,habits, nature, living, and even your body. 

Those morning sickness to mood swings, vomiting so many times a day to made to eat things I might not like but good for the baby growth, and so much more is definitely worthy with even a thought of baby being heathy. 

I wish to share my memory of the day when i first saw him, not in real , not the touch but just on screen as i underwent my first ultrasound. I could not control my tears watching someone move inside me. And that made me fall for him even before his birth.

Days and months have passed and finally the day is about to come, to see , the part of me, my very own. It was like preparing for a blind date. 


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