Show off

Are we living for ourselves or for others? Whatever we are doing in our lives today is somewhere more or less to show off people around us. While I was scrolling my Facebook homepage I anticipated that each one is swanking for some or the other thing. Few triumphing for the newly purchased gadget while other for luxury segment car. From flaunting their branding checks to high end accessories, few checking in “relax time” in a luxury resort while some is having “fun time” with friends at newly inaugurated café. I wonder how they get time and thought of posting it if genuinely they are relaxing or having fun. I read it somewhere “you really have enjoyed the time if you didn’t think of your mobile even once”. People are stuffing their wardrobe just because the attire now is in their profile picture and hence they can’t repeat! Like seriously? People spending all their well-earned money in big fat wedding just because invitees sing the glory of such never witnessed functions. And this goes on and on.Why suddenly over past few years’ people have started travelling, purchasing, and shopping more? They just want to show off! People tripping abroad for a check in to bluster their lifestyle. People going to religious places need check in? That too with the caption ‘peace’. It drives me crazy.

And peculiar part of the story is the one scrolling gets affected too. While one is gloating, it brings a sense of jealousy and distance in between are getting the wider of people these days.


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