“Everything is fair in love and war”..really?

Sharing my friendship with her for last eight years I guess, I thought I knew pretty much about her. She would tell me her stories and the main lead always revolved around her boyfriend. With all the ups and downs of her life during she was committed to him, one thing was constant; her boyfriend support. The confidence she walked with that no matter whether someone’s there or not, she knew he shall always be there to have her back . This trust was only because of extremely good rapport and deep trust in their relationship. He was actually a gentleman and would tackle everything very maturely and it seems everything was perfect.After our graduation, we both were placed in different jobs and due to new schedule and hectic days, we could not discuss our day to day routine in detail as before. One fine day, she called me up, sounding as if she is in deep shit. And to what was coming was actually a shock to me.

She: “yaar I have started loving someone else at my new work place.”

Me: “what” as I could not speak any further knowing the fact how serious she was for him. They would dream their future together and what not.

She: “it just happened during my late night shift. I would get bored and he was there to talk with and eventually it grew to loving each other.”

Controlling my anger and anxiety I listened to everything she had to say about the topic and wind up the call. I felt so stressed. Is it like entering a new phase, work culture or environment, meeting new people makes you forget your strengths of past? She being my friend and he almost insignificant, I still found it really unfair (though everything is fair in love and war). People forget that may be ‘new is excitement’ but ‘old is gold’. When you enroot an infatuation for someone, you will always find a reason to believe that now you are happy but don’t forget ‘what goes around comes around’.


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