Not just to say!

Having each other in friend list on Facebook really makes them your friend? Or sharing a `Hi’ when they accidently bump you in some common restaurant? For some it might just mean a company to hang out, but for me, much more.I met Anjali in the middle of our graduation, when people surrounding us were much more indulged in making ‘plan of the day’ we were thinking on the larger lines of ‘making a genuine friend for life ’. While some made friends for paying the drink bills, and some for filling the space of four long years of engineering with entertainment, and some for making love; I felt Anjali too was seeking for someone to count in life like me.

When the chat ends with the answer of “what’s up”, can you tag the one as friend? Anjali and me had long crazy conversations regardless of any constructive topic, she would know my routine, my habits, my nature and accept me the way I am, encourage me of being a better person, motivate of trying different tasks, helps me shopping(lol) .

 P.S This doesn’t mean people who don’t spend hours gossiping aren’t friends.

In return I too have learnt so well from her. Her goodness keeps me spellbound of having such an amazing heart pf gold in today’s time, when you are ready to work for society, so giving to people who matter you (even when your presence matter them or not), adjusting without any complaint not because you don’t have a say or choice but because your happiness lies in making the other happy.

The word ‘Friendship’ is boundless. It can exist between a dog and the master, a husband and a wife, a daughter and father, among siblings or anyone you find a good rapport with.Having even one true friend makes your life a better place to be in. you don’t need dozen fake if u have the treasured one.


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